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Yeah baby – I’m mission led

I think

Or do I have Purpose?

Bugger. Remind what Purpose stands for again. Yup. Yup. Mnn. Beyond Profit? Yup. impact in the world, yes, yes…focused on the WHY. Brilliant. So I love the WHY thing.

So maybe I’m a purpose type of mission led person then.

Ermm hang on No. I’m a mission led Purpose Driven business. Dot Org. Dot Me. Or does that sound very selfish. Not very social really. The Me bit.

Visionary purpose led mission driven then? mmmm. Sounds a little weird.

Uh, wait. Is the mission that I’m being led by the same as the Mission that sits on the wall next to the Vision in the terribly deconstructed boardroom that’s really a lounge pretending not to be a boardroom with beanbags?

Well, no.

Oh now you’re interested. Now you’ve got something to say. You could be a little more helpful.

Mission & Vision are classic strategic constructs that have been in use since mmmm ooooh Porter said them…or updated them at least.

OK. Good. So Mission & Vision – yup got those – wearing the T Shirt – and have checked into my HBR definitions reference library of Death by A. (P.S. That’s an anagram for Anagrams.)

No its not.

OK an abbreviation then. Jeez. Right, where were we?

The Question is: when you say mission led are you referring to the universal mission on the wall… be the world’s greatest chicken frier… relentlessly making good high quality stuff kind of Mission?

I think so.

OK that’s not what Mission-Led is defined as. If you can call it a definition.

Bloody hell. What is it then?

A very specific kind of business: somewhat like a social enterprise but not, and not necessarily charitable. With social impact as one of its primary goals.

Got IT! Heh heh heh. Of COURSE I meant socially impactful mission led. Cuh, Would I be anything else? What do you take me for?


Yes really.

I thought you were a Purpose Driven business.


Yes you were?

No I wasn’t. You’re getting me confused with someone else. I was a Values Led Business for quite a few months about 7 years ago.


I’m a mission led (social impact) purpose driven visionary business.

Purpose driven.


Not purposeful?



What’s the difference?

Apart from the Noun Adjective thing?

Throw me a bone.

Some believe that to simply have Purpose is inert. To be a purposeful business means that you pursue things with a relentless intention. So perhaps purposeful is a better thing to be for a company.

Right smarty pants hair splitter. So why don’t I just say that I am purposely mission-led? Mmmn?

Whatever you want to be.

Blimey. I’m tired. I know. What we need are some VALUES to crack under that mission led purpose purposeful thing. Things that we purposely apply in the world.

Are you asleep?


Ok one more question, before I turn myself and my business into an UBER shaking GOOGLE destroying profit machine…with social impact…is it better to be driven or led?

hello? HELLO? Sod you then. Wheres that brand agency?