The ThinAirFactorybolg is the blog attached to The Thin Air Factory; a breathe-in breathe-out consultancy (from n=1 to n=all) that specialises in pulling meaning, creative assets, value propositions and strategic purpose from the space where shared value, sustainabiity and the social brand collide.

Julian Borra is a creative jonny, crayon pusher and one-finger strategic typist who has worked in and around the Creative Industries for decades – and has a love for well a turned Manifesto Film.

As well as blogging, Julian does endeavour to both consult for a living, scribble and write children’s books, with one, The Man Who Put Words On Birds already published and one ¬†– What’s that there in the air up there? in the pipeline.

Julian loves film (sounds like an ad) and is a sometime drummer and percusionist

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