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The old world of brand dimension, mapping and engineering is way past its sell-by and use-by date.

Which is why the majority of organising ideas and campaigns and even some of the movement thinking generated by agencies on their clients’ behalf fall short.

The relentless evolution of the brand experience at every touch point through every advocate and carried in every stakeholder in the brand multiplied by every value added moment that can be either created or captured in those strands and threads, repeatedly and in an evolving manner DEMANDS that the north stars, organising ideas and movement minded slogans we create to galvanise the stakeholders are fluid evolving and compelling (i.e. they compel us beyond reason to act within the desired state of the relationship to mutual benefit and effect).

The digital state of myriad-being-and-doing has shifted the nature and architecture of the brand experience for better and wiped the one-dimensional smile off its face.

Lets here is for the ‘–ing’ and the ‘–ish’ – the ever-evolving nature of the brand revolution.

No absolutes, no emphatic solid sided imperatives (unless it’s the promise you underwrite your offering with – which should be immovable immutable and non negotiable)


The age of the Ivory tower plinth and altar brand is dead.

Digital citizenship and our newly connected world has rewritten the terms and rues of engagement between customer, the brand and the business that delivers it

In real terms when one takes into account the measures and dynamics of Reputation, the transactional and interactive relationships (emotional, functional and financial), the criteria of NPS and advocacy models, the culture of intense, CRM and customer-centricty, multiple channels and touch points, proliferation of content rich engagement, activation tools and the rise of the consumer activist:

The shift is more than inevitable: it is compulsory – the cost of doing great business and building a resilient company in the process.



Brands as top down cascades with the dressing up boxes of marketing and communications to play with:


Brands as a relentless repetition of millions of tiny meaningful intentions, moments experiences, transactions, interactions, gestures, rituals and acts played out across time, platforms, spaces, containers, messages, between every customer, employee, supplier, partner and wider participants

Each brand presents itself in real-time and terms as an endless and evolving kaleidoscopic pattern, fabric algorithm or texture into which value must be threaded and woven to secure it and capture it.

This is where real brand resilience and saliency meet.

Through this state of being, rare experience will come.

It’s here, in and around this relentless evolving fabric of experience where leadership stories will be told – and keep being told of you.

Sshhh. Your ears are burning!