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My eyes water quietly in an airport lounge.

Weeping would be cheating.

Sounds of human hub bub and brou ha ha surround  me:

Splicing chats, rat a tat tat

And flicks and spats

and preening screenagers

Celebrating their worldly traverse

In rhyme, lyric and verse

And perverse youtube addictions;

And leisure wear;

like I care that you could trip the light fantastic

In that much man-made elastic.

Life on Mars fills my ears and the years strip away from me

That I should find myself here

Bleary eyed from a Kauai flight

short-stop coffee docked

And two sheets west of an East Venice Superba sandwich

with my dear William

riffing splits and bits

of ideas on VR and the Doors

That take flight to Mars

And so it closes.

The music overthrows me; overwhelms me now

And a hollow space

Scooped by the small spoon

of Moonage daydreams from my heart.

Between eviscerated and exhilarated

Kooks redeem me

Thumbs in collars clutched

Mary Poppins Glam Rock

Is the truth of me.

Glitter eye. Glitter mouth.

Glitter soul goes south

Into an LA sunset.

Living a bucket list life but fuck it,

With a bit of luck it

might just be a Life worth living

To the sing song dance of my Principessa

and the quiet eloquence of my Prince.

I need to be home now

Because I’m bleeding emotion

And mosquito bites

And being here just doesn’t feel


Andy Warhol looks a scream

A howling dream.

And there but by the grace of whomsoever’s god go I.