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Why dig up an 8-year-old, slightly clumsy, over-written story to publish in chapters on a blog?

Firstly because ‘SAIL’ (the writing of which I scratched over for 2 years) has a good heart and some redeeming tracts of writing in places (just).

But mostly because one very British day in June and the aftermath of it compels me to do so.

The nature of the story – that of a young boy who inadvertently unties England and in the process of doing so unites himself with his true beginnings – has an additional resonance given the spiritual and soon to be constitutional separation of our fair island from our Europeans cousins.

So that is what I shall do.

Starting tomorrow, I will upload two chapters of SAIL, on every successive Friday for 12 weeks.

I will put the Amazon Kindle Publishing link at the bottom of each published chapter if you feel the need to leap ahead; but after 24 short weeks you’ll have it for free.