Image the Thin Air Factory is committed to creating the kind of rare air from which great things might get plucked: whether it is an aphorism, a creative strategy, a global movement, an Ad, a manifesto, a product innovation, a new model of prosperity, a short film or a quip.

The name fell out of a story: a story about a Magician’s riposte to a lady who, upon seeing the Magician pluck a rabbit from nowhere said ‘Wow you just kinda pulled that out of thin air, honey, it looks so easy? “- to which the magician replied “Believe you me madame, the rabbit is easy, but it has taken years to get that thin air just right”.

I think we spend so much time, especially in the creative industries, concentrating on the ‘it’ – the piece, the moment, the creation, the reveal, that we easily forget how important the context is out of which that ‘it’ is plucked.

So I apply as much of my experience, curiosity, wonder, mischief and creativity to the context as I do to the ‘it’.

So, consider my digital throat cleared.